The Perfect No Man's Sky Mod Doesn't Exis...

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Want immoderate Sean with your No Man's Sky experience? What astir Sean arsenic Sean arsenic a spaceship that looks similar Sean? We knew that'd get ya... Now, for those that whitethorn beryllium wondering who the heck Sean is, this caller No Man's Sky mod is referencing the antheral down No Man's Sky and Hello Games himself: Sean Murray

Before anyone takes this mod excessively seriously, it's a joke. It fundamentally puts Murray's caput connected apical of ... well, everything. Including the player's head. Why? Because wherefore not? The satellite is chaos and this mod is conscionable paying homage to that successful the champion mode possible. You tin spot adjacent much of this beauteous (horrific) instauration successful the video astatine the apical of the article, conscionable beryllium warned: the quality caput tin lone grip truthful overmuch perfection astatine once. 

The mod itself has a beauteous hilarious way grounds too. If you spell to the mod's listing connected Nexus, a thread of tweets tin beryllium seen with Sean himself and the workplace retweeting it, with the creator playfully adding that helium volition "have the past laugh" regarding the joking protestation until the Frontier update arrives. Murray added that immoderate of these textures aren't utilized successful the game, adding that helium volition not "negotiate" with the meme mod tyrants. All successful jest, but this is the benignant of vigor we privation much of. Sometimes, you conscionable got to laughter and not instrumentality things excessively earnestly sometimes, and this mod reminds america to bash conscionable that. 

While this peculiar acquisition was emailed to maine a cardinal and 1 antithetic times, I bash privation to springiness recognition to PC Gamer for being the archetypal to constitute astir it. Those are my radical successful the modding world, and we're going to spell down connected this Sean vessel if it kills us. 

Interested successful downloading it? Get this bad lad close here.  

So however volition you beryllium Seaning up your No Man's Sean? Sound disconnected with your thoughts connected this week's Mod Corner successful the remark conception below! 

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