Tigers skipper throws support behind Maguire

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Wests Tigers skipper James Tamou has defended Michael Maguire by declaring helium and the remainder of the playing radical privation the under-fire manager backmost adjacent season.

The unit connected Maguire has reached fever pitch, and the likelihood of the erstwhile Rabbitohs premiership manager getting sacked are shortening by the time aft the Tigers finished this play 13th connected the NRL ladder with conscionable 8 wins.

While plentifulness of criticism has been directed astatine the nine astir its roster moves made earlier Maguire joined the Tigers backmost successful 2019, it remains to beryllium seen what volition hap to the manager arsenic the Tigers undertake their much-anticipated play review.

Despite the reports, Tamou claims that Maguire "100 per cent" has the enactment of the playing group.

James Tamou of the Tigers (Getty)

"I haven't seen thing similar it. Every connection helium says, everyone inactive hangs connected the balance," Tamou told Nine News.

"I was talking to the players earlier we near - we each said the aforesaid happening astir Madge.

"I haven't had excessively overmuch to bash with the board, but they cognize wherever we are at.

"I don't deliberation it is [time to alteration coaches]. I don't deliberation truthful astatine all."

Since joining the Tigers successful 2019, Maguire has notched 26 wins and 42 losses, making for a 38 per cent triumph percentage. To marque the concern much desperate, the Tigers haven't played finals shot since 2011.

Wests Tigers manager Michael Maguire (Getty)

Tamou said it was captious the nine sticks unneurotic done this unsmooth time.

"It volition beryllium tough," helium said erstwhile asked astir the imaginable of losing Maguire.

"It volition beryllium similar losing a friend. I don't spot the sense.

"You request these things, it takes time. You request the cohesion... Madge has laid a foundation.

"I don't privation different play similar this play and I cognize no-one other successful that nine does.

"It hurts, we're each hurting. I've messaged immoderate boys telling them to travel backmost successful beauteous bully signifier due to the fact that we're hitting the crushed running."

Asked whether under-fire playmaker Luke Brooks should beryllium portion of the nine going forward, Tahmou replied: "Absolutely, I spot Brooksie."

Josh Reynolds (Getty)

Earlier today, erstwhile Wests Tigers prima Josh Reynolds suggested Maguire has struggled to signifier a crippled plan that suits his side's strengths.

"I don't deliberation sometimes the mode helium wants to play suits the Tigers team," Reynolds said.

"I had this speech with 1 of the boys implicit present contiguous astir Madge erstwhile helium was with the Wigan side.

"He said, erstwhile you had (Sam) Tomkins retired the backmost of the play, that the Tigers are playing - helium was unstoppable erstwhile they won the contention [in 2010]. It evidently suited that Wigan side, but I don't deliberation it suits the Tigers."

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