TikTok star helps remove abortion reporting site

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A Texas TikToker helped instrumentality down a arguable website designed to study abortions. The radical that launched the website vowed they volition bring it backmost online.

In an interrogation with Eyewitness News, Olivia Julianna promised the combat is acold from over. She is the outspoken Fort Bend County teen who garnered millions of views connected the societal media app fashionable among Generation Z, according to a erstwhile study from the Chron. The 18-year-old doesn't usage her past sanction retired of privateness concerns.

Texas Right to Life, which helped passed the state's prohibition connected abortions erstwhile a fetal heartbeat is detected, launched prolifewhistleblower.com arsenic a mode for anyone to anonymously study violations of the caller law.

Texas' caller termination instrumentality allows anyone to writer those who execute an abortion, oregon helps idiosyncratic entree the procedure, for astatine slightest $10,000. Lawmakers and activists designed the measurement to financially cripple doctors and clinics. So far, the menace of lawsuits has restricted entree to abortions successful the second-most populous authorities successful America.

"Do with this accusation what you will," Olivia Julianna said successful a TikTok video. "How are they investigating this? With an anonymous extremity website."

She went connected to accidental radical could taxable anything, including a representation of Ted Cruz successful gym clothes, and the website yet crashed.

Following increasing pressure, GoDaddy.com, which was hosting the site, ended its narration with the Houston-based organization.

"When this measure was passed, I was perfectly mortified," said Olivia Julianna. "My goal, with my TikTok videos and speaking retired astir these issues, is to support the women who've present had bounties enactment connected their heads of $10,000 and combat for women to get their rights to bodily autonomy back."

Representatives with Texas Right to Life person utilized bonzer connection describing those captious of the law, calling them an "abortion mob" who person launched cyberattacks from "intolerant keyboard warriors."

"It's comic that they travel for america for utilizing the Internet erstwhile their full basal for trying to find these women was a website connected the Internet," said Olivia Julianna. "I deliberation they're much upset that we're beating them astatine their ain crippled due to the fact that they don't cognize however to navigate the Internet arsenic good arsenic we do. We were raised connected the Internet and truthful we're utilizing it to combat them successful a mode that we cognize we tin bushed them at."

Olivia Julianna said this combat isn't conscionable astir abortion. She said the existent speech ignores each of the ongoing issues that effect successful discriminatory practices and disproportional entree to healthcare among races.

"This website sabotage is not the end. This is the beginning. We're not going to halt until our rights are re-instated," said Olivia Julianna. "I deliberation we're yet to the constituent that we're bushed of conscionable sitting astatine location and waiting for our authorities and our older generations to bash thing ... erstwhile they've made it wide they're not going to."

Texas Right to Life told ABC13 they program to re-launch the anonymous website arsenic soon arsenic possible.

"Some media reports person suggested that Epik canceled america too. That is not existent astatine all. ProLifeWhistleblower.com is presently forwarding to TexasRightToLife.com due to the fact that we're establishing other information protocols to support our users earlier we enactment it backmost up. ProLifeWhistleblower.com has a caller host. We are not disclosing that for information reasons.

Make nary mistake: We volition not halt our enactment to enforce the Texas Heartbeat Act.

It's besides important to cognize that the website isn't the lone mode that radical tin record lawsuits against abortionists. The pro-abortion assemblage thinks that by canceling the website, they efficaciously tin cancel the law. That is not true. In reality, astir 100 babies are being saved per time due to the fact that of the Texas Heartbeat Act and cancel civilization and hacktivists can't alteration that."


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