Trump Takes No Blame After PA Senate Primary Dumpster Fire He Created Could Get John Fetterman Elected

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Trump turned the Pennsylvania Senate superior into a dumpster occurrence that whitethorn outgo Republicans a Senate seat, but helium is blaming mail-in ballots.

Trump didn’t perceive to the wishes of different Republicans oregon his ain advisers who wanted him to endorse Dave McCormick successful the Pennsylvania Senate Republican primary. Instead, Trump endorsed his buddy Dr. Oz, who doesn’t unrecorded successful Pennsylvania.

The resulting superior run was a dumpster occurrence wherever McCormick and Oz spent millions of dollars attacking each different with the effect being an predetermination that is excessively adjacent to telephone with Oz holding a two-tenths connected 1 percent lead.

Meanwhile, connected the Democratic side, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman cruised to a monolithic superior win and has been rolling up endorsements and donations.

Trump Blames Mail-In Ballots For The GOP Pennsylvania Senate Primary Disaster

Trump took to Truth Social to blasted mail-in Republican ballots that went solidly for McCormick:

President Trump connected mail-in ballot contention successful PA Senate contention 🚨

— RSBN 🇺🇸 (@RSBNetwork) May 18, 2022

There is nary mail-in ballot contention successful Pennsylvania. The authorities has an fantabulous mail-in ballot strategy with nary grounds of fraud. The biggest occupation successful the Pennsylvania strategy has been caused by Republicans who garbage to let mail-in ballots to beryllium opened earlier predetermination day. Republicans person intentionally slowed down the processing of ballots, which slows down getting the results successful adjacent elections.

Trump Is Responsible For The PA Senate GOP Primary Dumpster Fire

Just arsenic helium did successful the 2020 Georgia Senate runoffs, Trump meddled successful different Senate predetermination and could outgo his enactment a Senate seat. The messiness unfolding successful Pennsylvania has thing to bash with mail-in ballots.

It is each Donald Trump’s fault, arsenic the failed erstwhile one-term president has enactment Democrat John Fetterman successful a presumption to flip a seat and support Chuck Schumer arsenic Senate Majority Leader.

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