Brazil touts partnership with SpaceX to connect rural areas and monitor Amazon forest

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Sao Paulo (CNN)Brazil is looking to spouse with SpaceX to grow net transportation to agrarian schools and support the Amazon, the country's Communications Minister Fabio Faria tweeted connected Tuesday.

Faria's tweets see a video and photograph of himself with SpaceX laminitis and CEO Elon Musk, whom helium met successful Texas.

"We're looking guardant to providing connectivity to the slightest served radical successful Brazil...especially to schools and hospitals successful agrarian areas," Musk says successful the video, shaking hands with Faria.

    "With amended connectivity we tin assistance guarantee the preservation of the Amazon and show the Amazon to marque definite there's nary amerciable logging enactment and deforestation," Musk besides says.

      It is unclear what the presumption of specified a concern mightiness look like.

      SpaceX's Starlink task offers broadband net done a outer network. According to its website, the work is "ideally suited for areas wherever connectivity has been unreliable oregon wholly unavailable."

      "We privation to articulation the exertion they person developed with the Communications Ministry's ain Wi-Fi Brazil program," Faria said successful a connection from his ministry.

      "Our purpose is to instrumentality the net to agrarian areas and distant places, arsenic good arsenic helping to power fires and amerciable deforestation successful the Amazon forest."

        Brazil's National Institute for Space Research (INPE) already tracks deforestation successful the Amazon via outer imaging. However, Claudio Almeida, Amazon monitoring coordinator astatine INPE, told CNN helium had not received immoderate consultation regarding imaginable monitoring collaboration with SpaceX.

        SpaceX did not respond to CNN's petition for comment.

        Reporting by Camilo Rocha successful Sao Paulo and CNN's Jaide Garcia successful Los Angeles.

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