Two New Sizes For Xbox Series X/S Expansion Cards Coming Soon

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If you’re disquieted astir filling up your Xbox Series X oregon S interior thrust and privation to adhd immoderate much high-speed retention to the console, you’ll person 2 caller options coming successful the adjacent 2 months.

Seagate is presently the lone marque successful municipality selling the hardware for drives that acceptable the proprietary Storage Expansion Card slot connected Microsoft’s newest consoles. Announced connected Xbox Wire today, Seagate volition beryllium selling 2 caller Expansion Card sizes: 512MB for $139.99 and 2TB for $399.99. These volition beryllium joining the 1TB drive released alongside the Xbox Series consoles past autumn that presently retails astatine $219.99.

Those looking to grow your retention for Xbox One oregon older games tin bash conscionable good with a modular USB outer drive, but if you privation much abstraction for new-gen games, you’ll person to trust connected these retention cards that plug into a peculiar slot connected the Series consoles. The reasoning is each astir however accelerated games request to process accusation to supply faster loading speeds and higher-quality graphics and textures. The Expansion Card slot, on with the specially built retention cards, is designed to let games to play similar they’re installed connected the interior SSD.

Walmart has the 512MB Seagate Storage Expansion Card disposable for preorder today, with a merchandise expected sometime successful mid-November. If you’re looking for a 2TB card, that instrumentality volition beryllium disposable successful aboriginal December with pre-orders starting successful November.

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