Volko's opponent fires ominous warning

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Australian UFC champion Alexander Volkanovski and his hostile Brian Ortega came face-to-face 1 much clip up of their immense combat this Sunday.

Both made value astatine the authoritative UFC 266 weigh-in today, up of tomorrow's blockbuster.

There has been nary emotion mislaid betwixt the two, with the usually respectful Volkanovski unleashing a tidal question of insults towards his hostile implicit the past weeks and months.

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"No much words - tomorrow, f--k the belt, I'm coming for your head," Ortega said, portion Volkanovski screamed, "Let's go!"

Dan Hooker makes it to Vegas for UFC bout

A fewer boos rang retired for the Aussie arsenic helium was handed the microphone.

"He reckons he's gonna bring it? I privation him coming, guns blazing. Everyone backmost location successful Australia, enactment strong, I'm bringing that loop backmost to Australia," Volkanovski said.

It was a overmuch much wholesome acquisition earlier connected successful the proceedings, erstwhile Kiwi Dan Hooker and his German hostile Nasrat Haqparast enactment an limb astir each different pursuing their face-off.

Dan Hooker aft arriving successful Las Vegas. (Getty)

Miraculously, some men made value contempt lone arriving successful Las Vegas a fewer hours earlier, acknowledgment to visa issues plaguing both.

Hooker volition walk a fewer days successful Las Vegas afterwards, earlier heading back, but said the strategy has to alteration for his chap New Zealand-based fighters, and that helium had "definitely" looked astatine relocating to the US successful the short-term future.

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"We had the treatment arsenic a squad now. There's a batch of radical that person been talking astir it oregon reasoning astir it, myself of making a determination stateside. But present we've had the treatment arsenic a team," Hooker said.

"We're benignant of conscionable readying the logistics of it. Obviously it's going to beryllium near up to our coaches, but yeah, it looks similar maine and the household volition beryllium moving stateside with the team. It has to happen. This past 1 was getting a small spot crazy."

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