West Virginia GOP Gov. Jim Justice Goes Off On The Unvaccinated

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Gov. Jim Justice blew up astatine vaccine conspiracy theorists and the unvaccinated, and successful vexation asked, “How hard is this to understand?”


“For God’s sakes a livin’, however hard is this to understand?" — Gov. Jim Justice (R-WV) is losing it implicit anti-vaxxers and vaccine conspiracy theorists https://t.co/EzsiEz8W95


Justice said, “For God sakes a livin’. How hard is this to understand? Why successful the satellite bash we person to travel up with these brainsick ideas? And they’re brainsick ideas that the vaccine’s got thing successful it, and they’re tracing radical wherever they go, and the aforesaid radical who are saying that are carrying their cellphones with them. I mean c’mon. C’mon.”

Justice has been the uncommon elected Republican vaccine advocate, truthful it isn’t astonishing that helium would beryllium the 1 to yet suffer his chill with the radical who are pushing conspiracies and are unvaccinated.

Gov. Justice tried moving a vaccine lottery with high-end prizes that didn’t effect successful much vaccinations. He tried redeeming bonds. He has tried virtually thing and everything to get unvaccinated West Virginians to get the vaccine.

His vexation astatine radical who alternatively judge Facebook conspiracy theories than doctors and wellness experts is understandable.

This isn’t politics. People who don’t get vaccinated and get COVID tin die, but it seems similar the craziness won’t halt until COVID wipes retired the unvaccinated done earthy selection.

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