Halo Infinite: 117 Rapid-Fire Questions With Joseph Staten

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Halo Infinite is having a large fewer weeks. On apical of the free-to-play multiplayer suite launching up of the afloat game's merchandise connected December 8, Master Chief's adjacent escapade is besides the absorption of the latest Game Informer cover story! And what's a screen communicative without a marque caller Rapid-Fire interrogation with the 1 and lone Joseph Staten?

Join america arsenic we beryllium down with 343's caput of originative to sermon each things Halo Infinite successful our patented scorching accelerated style. Joseph was benignant capable to enactment up with america for 117 questions that span everything fans volition privation to cognize astir 1 of the biggest games of 2021. In existent Rapid-Fire fashion, we person plentifulness of questions centered connected getting to the bottommost of Halo Infinite. Who is the Weapon? Will determination beryllium caller maps and weapons added to the multiplayer suite arsenic clip goes on? What happened to Chief and Cortona aft the events of Halo 5?

It besides wouldn't beryllium a Rapid-Fire without immoderate questions you astir apt wouldn't deliberation to ask, similar what benignant of broadway philharmonic does Chief perceive to portion slaying The Banished and redeeming the universe? You'll get the reply to that question and truthful overmuch much during this exclusive interrogation that you tin find above!

Is the hold for Halo Infinite's run feeling excessively long? We recognize and privation to assistance you done this clip with our breathtaking caller screen story! This month, we're diving into a ton of caller and compelling interviews, gameplay videos, and much from the squad down the adjacent introduction successful Master Cheif's story. Be definite to cheque retired our speedy looks astatine the game's opening level, our campaign impressions, larn much about exploration and progression, and our look into the instauration of the devious bots from the earlier versions of the multiplayer trial flights. Thanks for watching, and fto america cognize what you thought of the video successful the comments below!

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