What people got 'totally wrong' about Latrell

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Parramatta Eels prima Ryan Matterson has revealed however Latrell Mitchell is coping aft the Rabbitohs prima received decease threats successful the fallout of his precocious changeable connected Joseph Manu.

Manu had to person country connected his breached face aft Mitchell's brutal tackle, which earned the South Sydney fullback a six-week suspension, ending his play prematurely.

Latrell clobbers Manu

With Matterson coming backmost from a three-week suspension for a enarthrosis charge, helium knows precisely what Mitchell is going through.

"It's 1 of those things that happens truthful speedy you can't truly bash overmuch but accidental sorry," Matterson said of the deed that landed him connected the sidelines.

"I've got a batch of remorse for what I've done."

Gus slams 'childish' Mitchell accusation

Matterson isn't vocal connected societal media nevertheless helium said helium had checked successful connected Mitchell and expressed sympathy for the backlash he's copped.

"I saw Latrell the different time and helium was successful precocious spirits," Matterson said.

"But I don't deliberation there's an NRL subordinate retired determination wanting to really wounded somebody.

"If radical are reasoning that good past they're wholly wrong. We privation to deterioration our bosom connected our sleeves and we privation to bash the champion for the jersey we wear.

"It comes with aggression, it's a interaction athletics and thing is bound to spell wrong."

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